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Welcome! My name is Christine Greenspan, and I'm the founder and photographer for Feel Better Photos. My home is in Southwestern New Hampshire, where I'm surrounded by woods, lakes, and rivers. The wildlife here is incredible! It's the perfect place to take pictures.

Part of my passion for photography is rooted in the healing power of the arts. I have an MA in Psychology and Poetry Therapy, using poetry and writing for therapeutic expression. I've worked with people of all ages and backgrounds, including residents of nursing homes. In an effort to inspire a deeper connection with the elderly, I developed ways to include my own nature photographs in my group sessions. The responses were exciting and significant, even for people with limited verbal capacity and those suffering from dementia. 

Later, as my mother's health failed, I saw how my photography helped her. She spent her last five years in a nursing home, and ultimately hospice care. Though the quality of the staff was excellent, there were times when she was full of loneliness and despair. I'd bring in my photographs of birds and flowers and watch her face brighten, feel her anxiety ease. When I shared the pictures with the other residents, they reacted in a similar positive manner.

I then began studying the psychology of color and creating photographs with deeper artistic intent. I spent over a year taking pictures of just flowers, analyzing color combinations and backgrounds. (There is so much to learn, a year isn't nearly long enough!) This focus, along with my hands on experience, taught me how important it is for people in highly skilled care situations to have the calming influence of nature's palette. The natural world  can help ease the burdens. It cradles the suffering soul.

In my own life, I have definitely experienced my share of hardship and loss. One of the things that has kept me going strong is my love for the outdoors. Today I feel I am truly fortunate to be able to use my photography to help people, especially those in hospice care.

Thank you so much for coming to this site and taking the time to learn about me. I'd love to hear from you! You can email me at: chris@feelbetterphotos.com, or use the contact page.

Here's my selfie from my kayak! I'm on the river with my camera.

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