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This is the start of my new portfolio, Nature's Colors. The beauty I see around me every day is incredible! I love working with color and studying the many ways it can affect emotion. When creating any photograph, I always remember the needs of the people I want to serve. I make sure that the picture is bright and balanced, has pleasing color, and is technically my best. I want to provide that moment of comfort, no matter how fleeting.

I'll be frequently adding new pictures to this gallery, so please stop by often to discover what's new! You can see how a portfolio develops over time. In the formation of any body of work, first a baseline competency must be established. As skills improve, standards are raised and themes are refined. Older images are replaced with better work, and the process continues. There is always more to learn in photography.

Thank you for looking. As always, I welcome any comments and love hearing your stories. You can email me at:, or use the contact page.

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